Corporate responsibility at merck

Medical Expenditure Survey data, reported that Vioxx was associated with 46, heart attacks, and along with the other popular COX-2 inhibitor Celebrexan estimated 26, Corporate responsibility at merck from both. Novello of Merck and Co. We, of course, need to continue to be both innovative and profitable, but need Corporate responsibility at merck do so in a way that protects the environment, supports communities, respects employees, and demonstrates ethical behavior.

Good clinical practice GCP An international quality standard that enforces tight guidelines on ethical aspects of clinical studies. These employees continually receive training and obtain additional qualifications.

Merck employees were called upon to submit suggestions for new materials and systems, as well as for new business models. In addition, Merck is providing additional support for implementation of the program. OLED Organic light-emitting diodes are a new technology for displays and lighting.

Our vision is of a commercially sustainable business that both increases the accessibility of our products globally and helps build local capacity for quality healthcare services for those who need them most. Through our involvement, we want to help society better accept science and scientific progress.

This especially includes efficiently conserving resources such as energy, water and raw materials while also continuously reducing our emissions and waste. They therefore play a central role in our business endeavors.

Search, an open innovation platform sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Beyond this, it also means being transparent about how we operate, engaging audiences on all sides of important issues, and holding our people accountable for their actions and commitments.

Nowhere is this generous spirit of helping more evident than in the response to the Haitian earthquake victims in The second concern deals with the extent and limits of Merck's social responsibilities.

The Corporate Responsibility Report on Internet: After all, culture nurtures characteristics that are essential to our business activities as a high-tech company: We will also continue to donate our anti-retroviral medicines.

To tackle these challenges, we have taken a pro-access approach through our intellectual property initiatives and are engaging in equitable pricing strategies. Furthermore, as an international company, we further writers who drive cultural exchange in our globalized world.

Sincewe have been sponsoring the renowned Johann Heinrich Merck Award for Literary Critique and Essay, which is presented by the German Academy for Language and Poetry at its annual autumn conference. Specifically, we are investing in high-growth areas, including the emerging markets where we believe Merck is well positioned to address significant unmet medical needs; we are focusing on priority disease areas including diabetes, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases; and we are innovating new ways to improve health outcomes.

First-line treatment A therapy regimen that is generally accepted by the medical establishment for the initial treatment of a given disease.

Merck and : Publishes Corporate Responsibility Report

The challenge is finding the right balance among people, the environment and profits. Despite different backgrounds, they both agreed that the environment at Merck is ideal for scientists who want to make important discoveries. We are making significant improvements in the area of materials reduction and increased packaging efficiency.

And we disclose dues paid to U.

Corporate Responsibility at Merck

In Octoberthe consortium was furthermore awarded a prestigious research grant from the Japanese Global Health Innovation Technology Fund for the third time. Exposure assessment The U. ISO This international standard defines globally recognized requirements for a quality management system.

One example is the Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium. Through our support of programs that foster educational opportunity and eliminate achievement gaps among disadvantaged people, we are helping to expand quality education in science.

The Access to Medicine Foundation also praised our numerous access initiatives. On behalf of the Board, I look forward to helping a stronger and more formidable Merck continue to create shared value — to stay ahead of the evolving demands of global business by being competitive, ethical, innovative, and committed to the idea that, more than ever, good citizenship makes good business sense.

Responsible conduct means looking, listening and doing better. Fostering literature Literature can stimulate the imagination; it can alleviate fears and give courage.

We want to contribute to entrepreneurial success by recruiting, developing and motivating the most suitable employees.


Merck and Co. / Case Study by Jonathan Levine - an independent researcher, analyst and consultant who helps organizations capture, communicate and expand the impact of their global initiatives in corporate social responsibility and international development.

Our corporate responsibility approach is aligned with the company's mission and values.

Corporate Responsibility

It articulates how we see our responsibilities in the areas of access to health, ethical and transparent business practices, environmentally sustainable operations, scientific advancement, employee wellness, and value creation for our shareholders.

In this report, you will find key indicators and a selection of the progress we have made with our corporate responsibility efforts in Disclaimer Publication of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. To us, corporate responsibility means taking action and listening.

Today, business plays an increasingly critical role…

The dialogue with our various stakeholder groups is therefore highly important to us. These stakeholders include employees, business associates, the Merck family, investors, regulatory agencies, and.

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of corporate strategy in sectors where inconsistencies arise between corporate profits and social goals, or. May 02, (3BL Media via COMTEX) -- SOURCE:ReportAlert Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany has published its ninth Corporate Responsibility Report, covering the year

Corporate responsibility at merck
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